About our Services

The ultimate and fundamental goal of the Visa Center is to expedite and simplify the process of obtaining a visa to the Russian Federation.

It is achieved through direct cooperation and coordination between the Russian Visa Center and the Consular Offices of the Russian Federation, along with the use of modern facilities and resources and cutting-edge technologies for documents acceptance and processing.

Operators of the Visa Center are ready to assist applicants in every matter related to applying for the Russian visa and preparing the required set of documents. 

In order to save applicants' time, all visa centers provide an option of scheduling an appointment in advance.

For your convenience, a multi-channel Call Center has been opened to answer any visa-related queries you may have.You can also send your queries by e-mail.

Visa Processing Time

The Embassy or the Consulate General of the Russian Federation process your visa application and take decision to grant or refuse the visa within the time frames reserved for the requested type of  visa (usually from 1 to 10 days) after all the required documents have been submitted and the consular and service fees have been paid. Consular offices reserve the right to extend visa processing time in certain cases.

In the event of an emergency, requiring urgent entry to the Russian Federation, an urgent visa application may be submitted and the application processing time reduced to 1 working day, subject to the decision of the Ambassador or the Consul General of Russian Federation.

However, if required by circumstances or reciprocity principle, Russian consular offices may, at their discretion, extend the time of processing the visa up to 30 days.


Consular and service fees are collected by the Russian Visa Application Center during submission of the applications.

The consular fee is charged by the Embassy or Consulate General for processing your visa application. The consular fee varies depending on the category and type of the visa, required number of entries into the country, processing time, and the applicant's nationality.

The service fee is charged by the Russian Visa Center  for the acceptance, processing and delivery of documents to the Embassy or Consulate General, and the delivery of documents back to the applicant.

Consular fee and visa processing fee are collected directly at the visa office and can be paid in cash.

Consular and service fees must be paid upon submitting of your application and in case the visa is refused, are non-refundable.

Please check the section here:  «Types of visas»/«Processing Time and Fees»  for detailed information about the consular and service fees