General Regulations

Dear customers!

Please make yourself aware of the following notice prior to visiting the Russian Visa Center:
To ensure safety of visitors and smooth operation of the visa center, the following are prohibited in the premises of the Visa Center:

•  photography and video/ audio recording;
• consuming alcoholic beverages or food. Exceptions shall be made for persons whose medical condition requires them to eat and the time of eating coincides with the time of their visit to the visa center;
•  talking loudly, making noise, using foul language, engaging in offensive behaviour towards staff and visitors of the center or violating their rights in any other way;
•  talking on a mobile telephone or using other electronic communication devices;
•  listening to music through portable music players, tablets, etc. and devices without headphones;
•  disturbing other clients or disrupting the work of the Visa Center in any other way.

It is prohibited to bring the following objects into the Visa Center premises:
•  all kinds of automatic, non-lethal or air weapons (regardless of whether or not you have a license for it and permission to use it);
•  electrical stunning devices, aerosol spray cans and other self-defence  weapons, cold steel weapons or any sharp objects, including cutlery and table knives;
•  explosive, inflammable, poisonous or toxic substances and objects (firecrackers, combustible liquids, gas canisters etc.).

The list provided above is not finite. Other potentially hazardous objects may be prohibited based on the staff discretion.

Dear visitors!
Please refrain from bringing large bags and suitcases to the Visa Center. Bringing such items to the waiting room may hinder the evacuation of visitors in the event of an emergency.

Please note:
We request you to be vigilant towards any suspicious individuals or unattended items inside the Visa Center. If you notice any suspicious activity or items in the premises of the Visa Center, please immediately report to the staff.
Please be informed that the Visa Center management reserves the rights of admission of persons who choose to ignore the above mentioned regulations, and may decline or terminate submission, and ask violators to leave.

Thank you for your cooperation!