About Russian Visas

All foreign nationals who seek to enter the Russian Federation must obtain a visa, unless another procedure is stipulated by international agreements.

The visa must be obtained prior to the entry to the Russian Federation.

The visa is affixed into the foreign national’s passport and contains the following information: the applicant’s surname, first name (in both Latin and Russian letters), date of birth, sex, nationality (citizenship), the number of the personal identity document, date of visa issuance, permitted duration of stay in the Russian Federation, reference number of the invitation/ resolution of a state authority for the entry to the Russian Federation, date of visa expiration, purpose of visit, information about the hosting organization/ private host, number of entries granted.

Attention Russian citizens with dual citizenship!

Please be aware that in accordance with Article 6 of Federal Law № 114-FZ “On The Procedures of Exit from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation”, effective as of 15 August, 1996,  “Russian citizens may exit and enter the territory of the Russian Federation only with valid documents required for travel of Russian citizens abroad.”

In addition, Paragraph 1 of Article 6 of Federal Law № 62-FZ “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation”, effective as of 31 May 2002 states that “Russian citizens who have acquired citizenship of another state are regarded only as Russian citizens by the Russian Federation except cases in which international agreements made by the Russian Federation or federal laws supersede that. Acquisition of citizenship of a state other than the Russian Federation does not entail termination of the citizenship of the Russian Federation.”    

Thus, obtaining a Russian visa in the foreign passport by Russian citizens is absolutely prohibited!

Types of visas

The following types of visas are issued to the foreign nationals in accordance with the purpose of their visit and stay in the Russian Federation: diplomatic, official, common, transit visas and visas for temporary residence.

Number of entries

Single entry visa allows foreign nationals to cross the state border of the Russian Federation once when entering the Russian Federation and once when leaving the country.

Double entry visa allows foreign nationals to cross the state border of the Russian Federation twice when entering the country and twice when leaving the country.

Multiple entry visa allows foreign nationals multiple visits (more than twice) to the Russian Federation. Holders of multiple entry visa are allowed to stay in Russia for a period of maximum 90 days (accumulatively or continuously) within every 180 days. Violators of this law will be subject to penalty in accordance with the current Russian legislation, to the extent of being banned from entering the Russian Federation in future.

Foreign nationals whose purpose of visit requires uninterrupted stay in Russia for more than 3 months must obtain a work or study visa, depending on the purpose of their stay, a temporary or permanent residency permit.